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Choice of William Lau

恐懼恐懼 Fear of Fear   Angst vor der Angst
1975 | 西德West Germany | 彩色Colour | 88min | 35mm
In German with Chinese and English subtitles

導演 Director:法斯賓達 Rainer Werner Fassbinder
原著 Original Author:阿斯塔沙伊布 Asta Scheib
編劇 Screenplay:法斯賓達 Rainer Werner Fassbinder
攝影 Cinematographer:于爾根俞格斯 Jürgen Jürges
剪接 Editor:施密特克林克 Liesgret Schmitt-Klink
演員 Cast:瑪吉卡斯坦遜Margit Carstensen、烏爾里希馮哈伯Ulrich Faulhaber、布麗吉特米拉 Brigitte Mira、艾哲倫荷芬 Adrian Hoven

1977 Nominee, Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, German Film Awards


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

產主婦生活無憂,生第二胎時卻愈趨焦慮。是無名的恐懼,還是出於恐懼的恐懼?家庭醫生給她處方當年流行的鎮靜劑「為你安」(又稱「煩寧」或「安定」),治標不治本,反令她墮入深淵,栽進藥劑師的情色陷阱。劇本改編自本為編輯的兩子之母Asta Scheib之短篇小說,日後她亦成為小說家。法斯賓達身為濫藥「專家」,對藥物的惡性循環有切身體驗,然而本片的精髓不在驚恐症及濫用「為你安」,而是所謂「正常」社會及中產生活的囚牢,並揭示出維繫它們的循環論證。這顆法斯賓達的遺珠,很值得和同期的卡薩維蒂《受影響的女人》(1974)互相參照。

fear of fear

Margot has an easy life as a middle class housewife. While having her second child, she becomes gripped by an inexplicable anxiety. Is it fear, or the fear of fear that's torturing her? The family doctor prescribes Valium which actually aggravates her panic attacks. It throws her into the claws of a pharmacist who wants something from her. Based on a story by then editor Asta Scheib, a mother of two, who went on to become a well-known novelist. Fassbinder's prodigious drug abuse lent certain credibility in his depiction of Margot's Valium addiction. Yet Fear of Fear isn't just a study on panic disorder or Valium addiction. Instead it questions what we know as "normal" society and bourgeois lifestyle, and the circular reasoning that sustains them. Admirers of John Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence (1974) might find a challenging counterstatement in this little-known gem by Fassbinder.



法斯賓達創作力驚人,但過去有段時間,影迷只能看到他作品一小部分。1998年香港國際電影節策劃了一個法斯賓達的小型專題,選片集中幾部剛由法斯賓達基金會修復的罕見作品,其中一部就是《恐懼恐懼》。基金會總監、亦即是法斯賓達晚年的剪接師Juliane Lorenz也到港和影迷見面。




Panic Strikes Again

There was a time when only a tiny portion of Fassbinder's massive output was available to cinephiles. In 1998 the HKIFF hosted a minor Fassbinder tribute featuring his rarely seen works recently restored by the Fassbinder Foundation, and Fear of Fear was one of them. Juliane Lorenz, editor in Fassbinder's late years and the foundation head, visited Hong Kong to present the tribute.

Fear of Fear was a TV movie and hardly shown outside Germany. It's not hard to account for that if we compare it with the best known works by Fassbinder. Hanna Schygulla wasn't in it. It didn't feature a historical backdrop like the BRD Trilogy (1978-81) or Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980).

But its connection with the Fassbinder masterpieces is easy to spot. The proximity with Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1973) isn't just in the title, that film was set in a claustrophobic neighbourhood where neighbours monitor the behaviour of one another. Franz's wish to be upright in Berlin Alexanderplatz reaches a tipping point when he has a mental breakdown. The hero of The Merchant of Four Seasons (1971) suffers from PTSD and leaves the foreign legion. He becomes a street peddler but gradually falls into another stressful situation. The morphine addiction of Veronika Voss (1981) makes her an easy prey of a doctor...

When I saw it twenty years ago, Fear of Fear seemed so dated, after all Valium addiction was so retro... But Hong Kong in recent years saw a raised awareness in mental health and it came to light that certain celebrities have been suffering from panic disorder. Though this TV movie might be a bit raw in Fassbinder standards, I find it to be timely enough to be shown to a new generation of local cinephiles.

William Lau


16/11(六 Sat)7:30pm

香港科學館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum


劉偉霖、安娜、張偉雄、鄭政恆、博比,粵語主講 (紀陶因事未能出席)

Post-screening seminar with

William Lau, David Chan, Bryan Chang, Matthew Cheng and Bobby Kwok in Cantonese (Due to speaker's change of schedule, Lam Kee-to will not be able to attend)

30/11(六 Sat)2:30pm

香港電影資料館電影院 Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive


Post-screening talk with Cheng Chuen-wai and William Lau in Cantonese


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