Colour Blossoms - A Paradox of Lust

Whilst the scriptwriter is keen on leading the audience to head trip the character Madam Umeki, it's obvious that Umeki's core of power and intemperance is actually 4708 (played by Carl Ng) instead of Kim or Meili. (I bet no spectators will care about experiencing what Meili has gone through, right?)

According to the script, the lack of way out in love is Umeki's despair. But soon after you've finished the movie, you'll discover that the despair is indeed an endless paradox of satisfying sexualities. So what's the difference between love and sexuality? In line with the psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan, when you desire someone, you are able to separate the person from the origin of sexuality. But love is another matter. Being with the one you love doesn't necessarily mean that you know what you've got from him. Maybe that's why people say falling in love makes you lost.

Umeki found himself incurably addicted to a man. In order to get together with him, he went through a gender reassignment surgery to become a real woman. At this point, the viewers can hardly figure out that if "her" lover Kim would accept falling in love with a man. All they know is that Umeki has a schizophrenic father – a sweet daddy during daytimes who turns into a brutal devil at night. Thereby Umeki gained an insight into human's beastly nature and swore not to repeat her father's old mistakes. Don't get me wrong, she's still indulged in sado-masochism. Death brought by sexual violence just won't overawe her. What she really wants to escape from is merely the "double-facedness". She'd rather split from her masculine sexuality than to have a split mind.

Apparently, Umeki "loves" her father more than Kim. But then this so-called "father" is only a psychological invention under her self-protection. For most of us, there's no point to analyse whether we are oedipal while we manipulate Freud's theory of Oedipus complex to understand ourselves.

Likewise, the actual existence of Umeki's father is unnecessary. If you believe it, then it exists. Umeki just needs this "father" to justify her filthy way of taming animals.

Unfortunately, her ways to tame her lover – transsexuality, S/M, imprisonment, death – is per se problematic. In general, death will lead you the way to nirvana. However, the death brought by Umeki is only the urge for ecstasy of a higher degree. This kind of ecstasy is fake and virtual (she is innately a man, but she claimed to have enjoyed, at death's door, the multiorgasm which is exclusive for females). It's either the misunderstanding of the scriptwriter towards S/M, or simply the paradox of Umeki's game of lust – she tried to suppress the animalistic calling, but ended up with more bestiality.

By Longtin

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