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en route into the mind


En Route into the Mind

日期 Date:7/12 (六Sat)
時間 Time:3:00pm
地點 Venue:香港太空館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

Dr Venus Tam (Psychiatrist), Mr Vincent Cheng (Social Worker)
主持Moderator:傅慧儀 Winnie Fu


The more civilised a society is, the more subdivided its domain of science is. Mentally illness is subcategorised into "schizophrenia", "disorderly temperament", "bipolar", "depression" and "paracusia", etc. While some films stigmatise patients, there have also been excellent films that stimulate discussion and reflection on social indoctrination. How far do films stray from the reality of mental illness? Does the psychological state of individual patients reflect the "mental disorder" experienced by society at large? Will today's societal unease create collective trauma? Two experts will discuss these questions and examine the link between mental illness and society in this seminar.

⚠️原定1/12(星期日)於香港太空館演講廳舉行之座談會將改期至13/12 (星期五) 6:00pm於K11 Art House (House 9)舉行,不便之處,敬請見諒。⚠️

Talking about "Abnormal" Characters

日期 Date:13/12 (五Fri)
時間 Time:6:00-7:30pm
地點 Venue:K11 Art House (House 9)

特邀嘉賓 Special Guest :郭富城 Aaron Kwok 
主持 Moderator:卓男 Cecilia Wong、葉七城 Ellis Yip

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A genius with schizophrenic tendencies can be a brilliant detective as well as an evil cop. A thoughtful but psychologically distorted criminal can be a calm serial murderer as well as a sick psychopath. An infatuated person can fall into madness for love. And fear can send the terrified into a deep psychological abyss. Any actor who cares about the craft finds playing an "abnormal" character to be a major challenge. Behind the long process of shaping and performing the character are a lot of work, transformation and struggles unseen to the outside world.

⚠️原定1/12(星期日)於香港太空館演講廳舉行之座談會將改期至13/12 (星期五) 6:00pm於K11 Art House (House 9)舉行,不便之處,敬請見諒。⚠️
*早前已於網上登記之參加者已成功為13/12 (星期五) 6:00pm於K11 Art House (House 9) 舉行之「不正常」角色的演、練、變座談會留位,無須再次登記。


Visual Treatment of the Psychics 

日期 Date:17/11 (日Sun)
時間 Time:3:00pm
地點 Venue:香港太空館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

講者Speakers:歐健兒、李光耀 Au Kin-yee, David Lee
主持Moderator:傅慧儀 Winnie Fu

visual treatment














The mentally ill tend to be portrayed as unpredictable and elusive, adding suspense to drama and increasing the watchability of a story. Whereas films can manipulate the audience's mental state, putting them inside the heads of characters. The screenwriting team of Milkyway Image is known for their expertise in creating suspense and horror with conflicting characters' personalities. Award-winning screenwritier Au Kin-yee will share Milkyway Image's creative experience. Screenwriter-director David Lee comes up with an unexpected plot in Insanity (2014), in which a psychiatrist switches roles with his patient, guiding the audience to experience a journey of psychological perturbations.

座談會以粵語主講,免費入場,先到先得。請於網上登記,另設少量即場名額。Seminars in Cantonese. Free admission, first-come-first-served. Please register online, limited seats for walk-in audience. 

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