New Police Story - The New Generation, You Freaked Me Out!

New Police Story is a portrayal of how the glorious older generation fears the new generation. The virtual plots are further reinforced to reflect the reality – the "pro-older-generation" ideology prevailing in movies over the recent years.

The "pro-older-generation" script
I can hardly be a part of Jackie Chan's antihero world because it seems to me that he still can't resist beating the young people up. There's a plot in which Jackie tussled with Andy On in a building block exhibition hall. Jackie is way too busy saving the young guys and cleverly destroying the blocks with his labelled kung fu at the same time. These visual blocks, symbolising virtual satisfaction and self-subsistence of the young (and Daniel), are indeed a realistic reflection of the new era. The "pro-older-generation" standards of adults have keynoted the script.

The presence of Nicholas Tse is also intentional: you (Jackie) are my late dad's ace buddy, so I am willing to follow you; of course I would blame you for being too timid to save me at the HKCEC, but words from your mouth ('I hurt more seriously than you!') sound fairly acceptable – this is, in fact, not only a script, but also a real cry out of Jackie's anxiety towards the new generation.

Assumedly Uncontrollable New Generation
Actually, products concerning the fear against the new generation are plentiful. In Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat (2003), Barbara Wong visualised the attitudes of the young people from an angle of the adult world. In 2004, Eric Tsang replayed a bust-up meal with triad buddies in Wong Ching Po's Jiang Hu. All of them have depicted painstakingly the exorbitant ambition of people behind their adolescent appearance, imposed by adults on the next generation.

By Chan Ka Ming

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