The 4th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Presentation Ceremony

The presentation ceremony of the Fourth Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards was held at the Planet Hollywood on Thursday, 12 February 1998. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Taiwan director Edward Yang, who presented the awards for Best Film (Full Alert), Best Actor (Lau Ching-wan for Full Alert), Best Actress (Wu Chien-lien for Eighteen Springs), Best Director (Fruit Chan for Made in Hong Kong), Best Screenplay (Chan Hing-kar for Task Force). All winners turned up at the ceremony to receive their awards. The award for Best Picture, Full Alert, was accepted by Patrick Tong (managing director of the Brilliant Idea Group Limited), Kenny Chau (executive director of the Mei Ah International Limited) and producer Wong Jing.

The producers and directors of the "Films of Merit" were also in attendance. Apart from accepting his award for best sceenplay, Chan Hing-kar turned up again with director Patrick Leung and producer Amy Chin of Golden Icon Entertainment Ltd. to accept the Film of Merit award for Task Force. Johnnie To was twice on stage to accept for Lifeline (together with Susanna Tsang and Titus Ho of Shaw Brothers (H.K.) Ltd.), and for Too Many Ways to be Number One, a film which To produced (he was on stage with director Wai Ka-fai). Jacky Pang of Jet Tone Productions was on stage to accept on behalf of Happy Together.

Superstar Andy Lau was on hand to accept the Film of Merit award for Made in Hong Kong, a film which he produced for his Team Work Production House Limited, and also for Armageddon, on behalf of China Star Films. Ann Hui accepted for Eighteen Springs, together with Mandarin Film's Raymond Wong. Herman Yau accepted for Walk In. Finally, the merit award for A Chinese Ghost Story--the Tsui Hark Animation was accepted by Yiu Yau-hung, general manager of Cinefex Workshop. The awards for the "Films of Merit" were presented by veteran critic Law Kar, a founding member of the Society.

The results of the Hong Kong Film Awards were reached by a plenary session of Film Society members, after three rounds of discussions and voting.


List of Award Winners of the Fourth HKFCS Awards, and the people who accepted the awards:

Films of Merit:

Task Force: Amy Chin (producer), Patrick Leung (director), Chan Hing-kar (screenwriter)
Life Line: Johnnie To (director)
Happy Together: Jacky Pang (on behalf of Jet Tone Productions Ltd.)
Made in Hong Kong: Fruit Chan (director), Daniel Yu (line producer), Andy Lau (producer)
Armageddon: Andy Lau (actor)
Eighteen Springs: Ann Hui (director), Raymond Wong Pak-ming (on behalf of Mandarin Films [Singapore] Pte. Ltd.)
Walk In: Herman Yau (director)
A Chinese Ghost Story -- the Tsui Hark Animation: Yiu Yau-hung (on behalf of Cinefex Workshop)
Too Many Ways to be Number One: Wai Ka-fai (director), Johnnie To (producer)

Major Awards:

Best Screenplay: Chan Hing-kar (Task Force)
Best Actor: Lau Ching-wan (Full Alert)
Best Actress: Wu Chien-lien (Eighteen Springs)
Best Director: Fruit Chan (Made in Hong Kong)
Best Film: Full Alert (accepted by producer Jing Wong)

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