The 5th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Presentation

The Fifth Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Presentation was conducted on 8 March, 1999 at Planet Hollywood Restaurant. The honorary guest for the occasion was renowned actor Leslie Cheung and all the winners of the major prizes were present to receive their prizes, including Anthony Wong (Best Actor, for Beast Cop), Sandra Ng (Best Actress, for Portland Street Blues) and Johnnie To (Best Director, for A Hero Never Dies). The Best Picture prize, awarded to Beast Cop, was received by three representatives from Media Asia Group: producer John Chong and co-directors Gordon Chan and Dante Lam. Yau Nai-hoi and Chow Yin-han were on hand to accept the Best Screenplay award for Expect the Unexpected (Szeto Kam-yuen, Yau Nai-hoi and Chow Yin-han) and director David Lai claimed the statute given to Timeless Romance for Best Screenplay (anonymous).

Representatives for he nine Films of Merit were also present to receive their prizes. Director Herman Yau was the first winner to step on stage, accepting the award for Troublesome Night 3. The company Milky Way was the big winner in this year's award ceremony; not only did its A Hero Never Dies and Expect the Unexpected claimed the prizes for Best Director and Best Screenplay, respectively, its Expect the Unexpected and The Longest Nite were also named Films of Merit. The statutes for both films were presented to producers Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai. The prize for Timeless Romance, also a double winner with nods for Best Screenplay and Film of Merit, was claimed by director David Lai.

Three Films of Merit are produced by Golden Harvest: Hold Me Tight, The Stormriders and Anna Magdalena. Company representative Winnie Tsang and producer Benny Wong attended the ceremony to accept the prize for Hold Me Tight. Producer/scriptwriter Manfred Wong and Golden Harvest Entertainment Board Member Peter Tam received the prize for The Stormriders. Together with director Yee Chung-man, Tam again accepted the prize for Anna Magdalena. Team Work Production was represented by Daniel Yu to receive the Film of Merit prize for The Longest Summer and director Allen Fong was present to accept the honor for A Little Life-Opera.


List of Award Winners of the Fifth HKFCS Awards:

Films of Merit:

Troublesome Night 3
Expect the Unexpected
The Longest Nite
Hold You Tight
The Longest Summer
The Stormriders
A Little Life-Opera
Anna Magdalena
Timeless Romance

Major Awards:

Best Screenplay: Szeto Kam-yuen, Yau Nai-hoi, Taurus Chow (Expect the Unexpected); Anonymous (Timeless Romance)
Best Actor: Anthony Wong (Beast Cop)
Best Actress: Sandra Ng (Portland Street Blues)
Best Director: Johnnie To (A Hero Never Dies)
Best Film: Beast Cops (John Chong, Gordon Chan)

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